Product Features

  • Made from medical grade USP VI 100% pure polymer polypropylene, available in seven cap colours

  • Brown storage tubes with excellent light shielding for storage of light sensitive substances

  • Temperature resistance -80°C to 120°C (frozen tubes), suitable for ultra-low temperature refrigerators (not for storage in liquid nitrogen vapour phase)

  • Thickened walls, cap with built-in O-ring gasket to prevent liquid leakage

  • Available in 5ml and 10ml sizes

  • Spiral cap and wall are made of polypropylene with the same expansion coefficient, which further increases the tightness of the tube at different temperatures

  • Electron beam irradiation sterilisation, DNA-free, RNA-free, pyrogen-free, endotoxin-free

5Ml vertical preservation tube

5Ml Vertical Preservation Tube

10Ml vertical preservation tube

10Ml Vertical Preservation Tube

Product numberProduct nameMaterialDimensions (mm)Packaging specifications
5120015ml transparent preservation tube with pointed bottomMedical grade PPThread OD 17.2, thread pitch 2.4, height 56200/bag, 10 bags/box
51300110ml transparent preserving tube with pointed bottomMedical grade PPThread O.D. 17.9 Thread pitch 3, height 101.5200/bag, 10 bags/box