Project Description

Product Features

  • Made of medical grade polypropylene PP , chemically stable and suitable for multichannel pipettes and automated workstations.
  • Uniform thickness of the bottom and side walls of the plate, flat and uniform u PP er part of the orifice plate, easy to seal, consistent size of the aperture
  • Capable of being sealed with adhesive film, heat sealed or autoclaved together with deep well plate covers, autoclavable (121°C for 20 minutes without distortion) DNAase/RNAase free, no heat source
  • Standard plate frame construction, packed in 5 PE bags for easy unpacking
  • For identification tips, HTS, master plate sampling and storage, mechanical sampling, automated pipetting systems
  • Arranged according to 8 x 6 for extraction of free DNA, adapted to KingFisher Flex
  • Suitable for nucleic acid extraction tests, storage of most polar organic solutions, acidic and alkaline solutions and other laboratory solutions
2-Product No. 311002 Total volume 4.6ml
Product No. 311002 Total volume 4.6ml

Product No. 311002 Total volume 4.6ml

Product parametersProduct nameColourDimensions (L×W×H) (mm×mm×mm)
31100296 deep well plate/tip combtransparent127.2×85.2×43.95pcs/bag 10 bags/carton


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