Project Description


SUNTRINE Baffled Erlenmeyer Flask

Product features:

Baffled Erlenmeyer Autoclaved Falsk  is an ideal culture container for the application of cell biology, microbiology and molecular biology. The Baffled Erlenmeyer Flask combined with shaking table can effectively resist the viscosity caused by free DNA and cell fragments, increase fluid shear force and reduce cell agglomeration, melt oxygen more fully and promote cell growth. It is very suitable for culturing bacteria, yeast, animal and plant cells.

Product features

Bottle body material: PC (autoclavable) or PETG,  cap material: PP;

The bottle cap is equipped with 0.2 ㎛ breathable membrane, which is breathable and impermeable to make the dissolved oxygen in the culture medium more sufficient;

The sterilization Erlenmeyer Flask adopts independent vacuum packaging, which is convenient to take and avoid cross contamination;

The bottle body is seamless and blow molded at one time to avoid surface marks or cell wall cracking;

The surface finish meets the requirements of mirror surface, and the permeability is close to glass, which reduces the risk of cell adhesion;

The size of the bottle mouth meets the international SBS standard and is suitable for fast connection of bioreactor;

Meet the requirements of food and drug contact management and avoid the problem of bisphenol A Electron beam sterilization, Sal = 10, to ensure no DNase / RNase, pyrogen and endotoxin;

Cat. Product name Cap type Specififications (mm) Sterilization
Carton Size (mm)
High Diameter Bottom diameter
701171 125ml Baffled Erlenmeyer Flask-PC Vented 113.5 31.2 66 Irradiation
24 pieces / box 465×315×150
702171 250ml Baffled Erlenmeyer Flask-PC Vented 138.2 31.2 83.3 Irradiation
12 pieces / box 380×290×155
703171 500ml Baffled Erlenmeyer Flask-PC Vented 177.5 36.34 100.8 Irradiation
12 pieces / box 455×345×200
704171 1000ml Baffled Erlenmeyer Flask-PC Vented 204.3 36.34 127 Irradiation
6pieces / box 415×275×230