Project Description

SUNTRINE Erlenmeyer Flask is ideal for medium preparation, mixing and storage, mainly for culturing cytoplasm with high oxygen requirements, but also for culturing bacteria, fungi, animal and plant cells in suspension.


Product Features

  • SUNTRINE Erlenmeyer Flask is made of medical grade PC (Autoclavable) or PETG, which meets the requirements of food and drug contact management and avoids BPA problems.
  • The product is individually vacuum packed for easy access and to avoid cross-contamination.
  • The bottle is seamless and blow-moulded in one go to avoid surface knots or rupture of cells against the wall.
  • The surface finish meets the requirement of mirror surface and the permeability is close to glass, reducing the risk of cell wall adhesion.
  • Bottle mouth size in accordance with international SBS standards, suitable for quick connection to bioreactors.
  • Sterilised by electron beam with SAL=10 , ensuring no DNase/RNase, no pyrogens and no endotoxins.
  • Equipped with a 0.2㎛ gas permeable cap for better mixing of cells and culture medium, increasing air permeability and allowing cells to grow to higher densities.
  • The 5L culture bottle handle is designed for easy lifting and avoiding the risk of contamination during use due to the head being too close to the bottle opening.
  • The 2.8L bottle bottom is optimised to save space and greatly increase the usage rate of the shaker, reducing R&D costs for customers.
  • The bottle body adopts the extrusion and blowing technology, the bottle body is smooth, reducing the risk of cell walling and culture fluid foaming
  • Sterilised by electron beam irradiation, easy to use in sterile individual packaging.
Conical culture flask (shaker) Product

Product parameters

Product numberCapacityType of coverHeight Neck diameter Bottom diameterSterilisationPackaging
701001125mlBreathable113.53466Electron beam irradiation24pcs/box
702001250mlBreathable138.23483Electron beam irradiation12pcs/box
703001500mlBreathable177.539101Electron beam irradiation12pcs/box
7040011000mlBreathable211.539127Electron beam irradiation6pcs/box
7050012.8LBreathable24396.2164Electron beam irradiation6pcs/box
7060015LBreathable25396.2228Electron beam irradiation4pcs/box
Conical culture flask shaker Specifications


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