Project Description

Product Features

This product can be directly used for the collection, storage and transportation of saliva, and the free DNA/RNA (Ce Free DNA/RNA)or virus samples in it can be stabilized by the preservation solution. It can be used for molecular diagnostic testing (including but not limited to polymerase chain reaction PCR or branched DNA/RNA amplification technology), virus testing or other in vitro testing of saliva samples.

  • This product consists of a saliva collector (collection funnel +sample collection tube), sample collection tube cap, preservation solution tube (preset 2mL free preservation solution or virus sample preservation solution)
  • It is used to collect, store and transport free DNA/RNA or virus samples in saliva samples at room temperature.
  • Different virus sample storage solutions can be customized,such as VTM storage solution (pink), inactivating agent-containing storage solution (colorless) or normal saline.
  • The DNA/RNA storage solution can stably store free DNA/RNA for 24 months at room temperature and is suitable for a variety of DNA/RNA extraction and purification kits.
  • The collection process is painless and noninvasive, and can be collected at home, which is more convenient and free.
  • The humanized design of the collection funnel fits the human mouth structure and is easy to operate. The cap is equipped with a leak-proof gasket and seal to prevent leakage.
  • No DNase, RNase, and pyrogen.
  • Sterilization method: Y irradiation sterilization

Operation Process

Product No.Product nameComponent nameMateriaSterilization methodPackingPacking specification
904001 Viral transport medium tube (saliva samplecollector)Saliva collection funnel
5ML collection tube
2ML preservation solution
Plastic box10 sets/box,
20 boxes/carton


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